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Post To Multiple Facebook Groups In A Click For Free

Facebook is one of the leading social networking site out there and there are more than 900 million users out there. Bloggers started to make the most out of Facebook. So people started to create Facebook groups where they can post their blog links and take the most out of Facebook. When you join a greater number of groups, take in the case of mine I am in more than 50 groups, it would be difficult for you to go to each and every single group post your link there and wait for the snippet to appear. This would take a long time. In the case of groups that you admin you can post your feeds via email but what about the groups that you don’t admin. Well now here is a solution for you to post in multiple groups in a single click.
And so here comes an app called as Multiple Post which allows you to post in multiple groups in just a single click. It does not generate its own snippets. You need to add both the image and the description of the link that you are about to post. And also you need to enter the URL of that particular post in the field provided. Here is a short screenshot of how the app would appear.

A Look At The App
It would allow you to post in all groups irrespective of whether you are the admin or not. And so below is the link to that heavenly app that would help most of the bloggers out there.
Hope this was a good application and it saved loads of your time. Happy blogging 🙂